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Enb Final V6.1 + SA:MP * Fixed * 89% Done

by RedBullMaster,Marco12

A GTA San Andreas Mod

Category:Miscellaneous Mods

Added:2012-08-15 00:33:55 -0700

Historic Rating:7/10

Historic Downloads:1,735

File Size:24.95 MB


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Don't like the shadows ? press F8 Don't like my settings ? Change them by yourself . Get Road Texture, For Better Looking ! . Hey what's up ! What's New ? Blur - Better Settings Reflection - New Settings Effects - New Lensflare - Mix Of Need For Speed The Run And Vice city . Water - Realistic Settings ) Colormod - Removed What's fixed ? Dark Timecyc Removed - Fixed Shadows Fixed SAMP Function Controls Press F7 For Turn Off The Water, this is my last graphic mod for this year, More coming in 2013, If you need help send me a PM [email protected] And of course This enb looks diffrent on sa-mp ! :p