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Elektra GES 110 siren

by TheNielegalnY


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Added:2015-05-04 14:15:05 -0700


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Waddup This is my first siren mod so please take that into consideration when rating And i would like some feedback, if you experience any issue report it in the comments This is a polish siren being used on polish emergency services vehicles (most likely kia cee'ds and firehouse vehicles in my city) =Installation= 1.unpack the HORNS.IVAUD from download file sparkIV or OpenIV and go to (gta iv/EFLC root folder)/PC/AUDIO/SFX/resident.rpf =other info= This siren was first made by TheWhiteEagle but as he stated under his video he have lost his entire drisk content so he didnt uploaded it =Credits= TheNielegalnY-entire work DO NOT UPLOAD TO OTHER SITES OR HERE AND CLAIMING THIS MOD AS YOUR OWN