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Dynamic HUD 1.3

by InfamousSabre


Category:Script Mods

Added:2014-03-04 17:04:01 -0800

Replaces:DynamicHUD 1.2

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DynamicHUD For: Grand Theft Auto: IV By: InfamousSabre Version 1.3 ===================== Description------------------------------ Replaces the Health Bar with something more... subtle. As you are injured your vision will deteriorate, and your heart beat will become faster and more pronounced. You can rest to recover from your injuries if they aren't too severe. Known issues--------------------------- -GPS can be hard to see if severely injured. This is not so much a bug, as it is a side effect of having your vision impared. Find a med-kit somewhere. Changelog------------------------------- v1.0: -Original Release v1.2: -Added heartbeat sounds -Added health regen based on heartrate, blood pressure, and stress -Fixed red screen when on fire -Added settings file for slight customization v1.3: -Fixed heartbeat sounding during loading screens