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Dubai’s Burj Al Arab Hotel

by IxCr4nkV2


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Added:2014-10-10 04:57:09 -0700

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GTA4 'Dubai’s Burj Al Arab Hotel' by IxCr4nkv2/ ---- So thats it Guys have fun and make videos share it and yeah make a comment if you like it and dont forget to rate it :) Thanks guys (& sry for my bad english i hope your understand haha :) Have Fun see you into my next time :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dubai’s Burj Al Arab Hotel by IxCr4nkv2 texture edit by Me - stable with Collisions - Good Textures - Will be Updated soon' - Thanks Guys have fun ben playing ;) - Spezial Thanks to Eric3457 for that idead over Liberty Statue -------------------------------------------------IMPORTANT------------------------------------------------ ----> Make a backup before any modification!!!! <---- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------