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Draw Distance Tweak

by PwnFrnzy


Category:Miscellaneous Mods

Added:2011-08-09 12:50:49 -0700


Historic Rating:8/10

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Download Link:1312919449_gtai_vtimecyc.dat_tweak.rar


I take absolutely no credit for this mod. The original creators are GTAForums members Belina and Pixelated. I contacted the members 2 months ago to get permission to upload the mod here, but with no response (both inactive since 2010). I really wanted to share his mod with my fellow GTAIV Modders. This mod increases the draw distance to the maximum, yet your draw distance in settings can be at 1, saving precious VRAM. The idea is clipping, not rendering the distant game world. There are 3 different versions: FarClip 3500 - Longest View Distance before you can see the farthest reaches of the map (which show up a solid white). FarClip 3000 - Medium Yet Still Double The GTA IV Default Distance FarClip 2500 - Shorter Draw Distance Then there is a backup of the original file and Magic.bat to make your GTAIV moddable (eliminates the File-Check crap). The only downside of the mod is only noticeable when you are up in the sky or on top of a very tall building. That downside is detail of distant objects/buildings. This mod will give you the greatest draw distance and also increase the in-game FPS (5-10+) and also save VRAM. I'm running this mod on, but am sure it is compatible with all other versions, but not EFLC, but would be nice if some users can test it on EFLC. My hopes are to see this mod combined with an ENB Series or Icehancer (preferred), either by myself or someone who knows how to do it already. Again, all credit goes to Belina and Pixelated.