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Dragon Garage V2 Script support ++

by Krlos_Rokr, JulioNIB


Category:Script Mods

Added:2014-08-22 20:31:41 -0700

Replaces:Space, and move some trees/bushes**

Historic Rating:9/10

Historic Downloads:9,269

File Size:19.15 MB

Download Link:1409007106_garagemod.rar

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Update of the previous version ^^ Garage mod with a bit of ironman 2 movie xD (Dragon Garage) Krlos_Rokr 03/05/2014 first release* 22/08/2014 update*Krlos_Rokr_Julio_Nib *Added Script support to save cars, same method as mansion garage mod, but this time you can enable and disable the "Dynamic" way, what the hell this means? that you can save some cars and they always will be there, or you can use it as a real garage ^^* *go close to the ipad to swith those modes* I edit the base model, and modeled the other stuff like the Armor Stand, etc. well, what contains this Garage Mod?, Easy, a cool garage with nice textures pretty cool miscellaneous stuff and automatic doors xD, a cool addon for weskdyke house. *now with script support ^^* *Script crash fixed*