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DOS IV 0.9 beta

by LetsPlayOrDy


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Added:2015-02-01 17:58:29 -0800

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Download Link:1422842309_dosiv0.9beta.rar


This is a (slight) recreation of DOS, but instead of having DOS commands, it has commands for controlling your GTA IV! This mod is still in beta. It will get many more commands and customization features in coming updates. Full list of commands is in the readme file. How to install: Install an ASI Loader (YAASIL recommended) and .NET Scripthook. Copy and DOSIV.ini to the scripts folder in your GTA IV/EFLC directory. Controls: Right-CTRL + C to open/close the DOS window. Changeable in the INI file. All of the alphabetical and numerical keys for entering in commands. Backspace to remove the last letter in the current command. Enter to enter commands in. How to use: Press Right-CTRL + C to open the DOS window, type a command like "help" in, then press Enter to enter the command in. If you find any problems in the mod, please report it to me (LetsPlayOrDy) before rating the mod low. Do not redistribute without my consent.