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Detailed Radar Mod + Labels

by Hiltz

A GTA San Andreas Mod

Category:Map Mods

Added:2011-11-02 19:29:46 -0700

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Video: ScreenShot: -=Detailed Map and Radar Mod + Labels=- -Description: This mod will substitute GTA:San Andreas'map and the radar made by Ian Albert( shows San Andreas detailed, like a satellite picture. with labels -Instalation: Easy way #Download and install San Andreas Mod Installer 1.1( and run the SAMI script in this pack. Hard way #Substitute the file fronten2.txd(GTA San Andreasmodelsfronten2.txd) by the one in this package. #Using IMGTool 2.0(you can find it by clicking here or by using the search button),open the file gta3.img(GTA San Andreasmodelsgta3.img),find some files called radar00.txd, radar01.txd,radar02.txd...radar143.txd(they are 144 files),select and delete them.Then add(Ctrl+A) the radar files in this package and rebuild the archive(Commands-Rebuild archive). NOTES: #MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR ORIGINAL FILES. #I don't know why,but I couldn't add all the radar textures at the same time in the gta3.img file.So,if this happen with you,you will have to add the textures one per one. -Credits #Map by Ian Albert #Description and Instruction Made By Ian Albert #Conversion of the map by BaygoN #SAMI script by simoncampbell #Labels of the map by Hiltz (11/2/11)