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Desert Eagle MK XIX - 4 Textures

by BLAD3101


Category:Weapon Mods

Added:2013-06-27 18:27:31 -0700

Historic Rating:8/10

Historic Downloads:4,279

File Size:6.97 MB

Download Link:1372382851_desert_eagle.rar


// Desert Eagle MK XIX - 4 Textures Conversion, editing, compiling by BLADE Original Author: Havoc, (orig. mod: Perfection Deagle, CS:S) Info: -HQ model and textures -Perfectly aligned model, muzzle, carrying, etc. -3 additional HQ textures -New IV-style weapon icon Requirements: SparkIV or OpenIV, a moddable copy of GTA IV Credits: I'd like to thank Havoc for awesome models and textures, and everyone who worked on this mod for CS:S. Rate, comment, share your requests for weapons, since I can't decide what to make next. I hope you like it! :)