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Declasse Yosemite Police & FBI Pack

by Thundersmacker/ Twiztid ICP


Category:Vehicle Mods

Added:2011-07-19 12:26:26 -0700

Replaces:polpatriot, fbi

Historic Rating:8/10

Historic Downloads:5,814

File Size:1.57 MB

Download Link:1311103586_yosemite_fbi_police_pack.rar


I took the Yosemite Dually made it a non-dually, then made it into a Suburban like SUV. Twizid ICP then took the SUV and made it into a police truck and I finished it off by finishing the Police version and then making a FBI version. Police Version -Police decals mapped by Twiztid ICP. -Police scanner, computer, and spotlight (modded to light up by me) added by Twiztid ICP. -Added police rims with chrome hubcaps. -Police decal texture can be changed. FBI Version -Grill and lights from the Pony -Police rims -Other details from the Police version