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Declasse Yosemite Dually

by Thundersmacker


Category:Vehicle Mods

Added:2011-07-15 10:26:00 -0700

Replaces:any 4-door

Historic Rating:8/10

Historic Downloads:12,995

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Download Link:1311106574_yosemite_duallyv1.12.rar


Ever since I bought GTA IV, I always wanted a big dually pick-up truck to drive around and kickass in. This truck started as the Rancher and was extended to 4-doors, modded the rear to fit the dual wheels, and add other daully-like accesories. The front has been modded with the Burrito grill and lights to resemble a 90's Chevy Silverado. The rims are from Cristinel's Mercedes Benz Actros. I thought the name "Yosemite" would fit the dually since the Yosemite was a pickup from San Andreas that resembled a Silverado. Custom badges have also been made with the Yosemite name on them. As a bonus the truck will not cause the taxi bug. You can replace any 4-door vehicle in the game with the Yosemite as it is a 4-door. NOTE: Model shown in the pictures is slightly different from the one in the download. These pics were taken before some updates were made.