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Declasse Premier Taxi

by Thundersmacker


Category:Vehicle Mods

Added:2016-04-23 07:49:26 -0700

Replaces:taxi2 or any other taxi

Historic Rating:9/10

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Download Link:1461422966_declasse_premier_taxi.rar


The original self-driving car. Info: The final variant of my Premier Classic, the taxi. It has been set up similar to the default taxis so there isn't any different liverys. Features all the details from the other taxis like the different taxi signs and even the destination interface works fine (when replacing taxi2). It also has custom made replica's of the classic 9C1 Caprice steelie. As always it has proper LOD's and a low file size. Credits: Original model by Rockstar Games. Converted to GTA IV and edited by Thundersmacker. Other car parts and etc. from Rockstar Games. Thanks to DK22Pac for the MP3 PC WFT to DFF Converter. Notes: This is intended to replace the Taxi Merit (taxi2), but you can replace any other taxi with it. You could even add the taxi along with the original ones, though I believe the destination interface won't work. Unlocked Model: Due to the fix I use for the camera bug this model is not editable in Zmodeler, if you want a unlocked model to modify or convert to GTA V just PM or e-mail me. Bugs: None at the moment, please inform me of any that appear.