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'Dark' Dark Knight

by KBL


Category:Player Mods

Added:2011-08-16 12:55:21 -0700

Replaces:Niko player model

Historic Rating:8/10

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'Dark' Dark Knight Mod. Reconfigured and retextured by KBL1974 (Combining 'The Dark Knight - Armored v1.0 BETA' model with 'Superman v1.0 BETA' cape. Both originally provided by H1Vltg3) This is a variation I made for myself of the detailed and badass 'The Dark Knight - Armored v1.0 BETA' by H1Vltg3 I basically started out by grabbing and retexturing the cape from H1Vltg3's renouned and equally awesome 'Superman v1.0 BETA'. When they fit so well together, I was inspired to continue and create new textures to fit in with my vision for what the Dark Knight should look like. I was happy with the results. Anyway, I thought i'd share it with those who would also like to try my retextured darker version and to satisfy the requests i've recieved since posting my video on YouTube. If you already have 'The Dark Knight - Armored v1.0 BETA' (which lets face it, you should), and you prefer those textures, you can still just add the cape from the 'Cape Only' folder. H1Vltg3's original textures look epic with the cape as well. Remember to "Like" H1Vltg3's Facebook page for updates and downloads of his first class mods and settings @ Also, pop over to my YouTube channel and check my other vids. Enjoy KBL1974 Kbl1974/256740787683772