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Dallas Fire Rescue Tahoe

by downcoldkiller


Category:Vehicle Textures

Added:2014-01-11 19:06:58 -0800

Replaces:polpatriot, noose, fbi, patriot

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Download Link:1389496018_dallas_fd_bat_chief_tahoe.rar


MODEL OVERVIEW - NAME: 2013 Liberty City Fire Department Chevrolet Tahoe - LIGHTBAR: Code3 XF2300 - OTHER EQUIPMENT: Console - EXTRA PARTS: NONE - MULTIPLE LIVERIES: YES, 4x - OPTIMIZED FOR: POLICE, POLICE2, NOOSE, FBI, POLPATRIOT(EFLC ONLY: POLICE3, POLICE4) - MOD STATUS: OPEN ______________________________________________________________________________________________ CREDITS - Model is original "Chevrolet Tahoe" by 4x4 Full Driver - Hummer H2, converted to GTAIV by Stiopa. - Model improvements & Modified By Bxbugs123, Further modified by Hilth0. - Code3 XF2300 modelled and converted by deco(Tim98) of DumpsterFireArts, Mounts by Matthias. - Whelen TIR3 scratch modeled and converted by Hilth0 of DumpsterFireArts. - Havis Console modeled and converted by deco(Tim98) of DumpsterFireArts, Panasonic Toughbook CF-31 by RidgeRunner, Generic Police Scanner modelled by Master Yoda, Whelen CenCom by Master Yoda - Liveries made by deco(Tim98). - Dallas Fire Rescue skin made by downcoldkiller Installation: 1. Open sparkiv or openiv 2. Scroll down to cdimages 3. Click and find vehicles.img 4. Click edit in the top right menu 5. Scroll down to find & polpatriot.wtd 6. Click both files and click import 7. Scroll down to find the two files 8. Click open 9. Once imported click save and rebuild 11. ENJOY Terms of use: YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO REUPLOAD WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. EDITING, RIPPING, CLAIMING IS NOT ALLOWED. FAILURE TO COMPLY WILL RESULT TO PUNISHMENT. NO ONE MENTIONED IN THIS README IS RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGE TO YOUR GAME.