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by King Kittan ( Moonblazer )


Category:Vehicle Mods

Added:2013-09-17 20:32:53 -0700

Replaces:police.wft & police.wtd

Historic Rating:8/10

Historic Downloads:2,363

File Size:5.79 MB

Download Link:1382756958_ford_crown_victoriav2.rar


MODEL OVERVIEW: - NAME: Ford Crown Victoria - VERSION: 2.1 - TEMPLATE: Body Template Included - Lightbar: Whelen Justice - OTHER LIGHTING: Whelen Interior Edge; Pushbar Lighting; Axitech Commander; - EXTRA PARTS: N/A - MULTIPLE LIVERIES: No - OPTIMIZED FOR: police - CREDITS: Moonblazer( King Kittan )/Bxbugs123 (See Additional Notes) Additional Notes: - Is ELS v7 Enabled - Model is original Ford Crown Victoria by Schaefft, modified for and converted to GTAIV by Chasez. - This version of the CVPI model has been modified by Bxbugs123 & Lt.Caine with permission by Schaefft and Chasez. - Rims By Bxbugs123, Textures By Lt.Caine - Whelen Justice Modeled & converted for GTA IV by Bxbugs123; Main textures made by Bxbugs123 & Lt.Caine - Whelen Inner Edge models made & converted for GTA IV by Bxbugs123; Main textures made by Bxbugs123 - Axitech Commander Modeled by corleone. - The other lighting equipment are modeled by Moonblazer. Main textures made by Bxbugs123. - Rambar Model & Textures by TraumaPak FILES INCLUDED: readme!!.txt police.wft police.wtd Pictures Extra Notes: UPDATE! If you find any bugs, let me know.