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Custom Car Texture Pack V2 (update)

by someguyfromlc


Category:Vehicle Textures

Added:2015-02-10 14:48:18 -0800

Replaces:Blista, Cabby, Comet, Infernus, Laundromat, Lokus, Minivan, Moonbeam, Primo, Rhapsody

Historic Rating:7/10

Historic Downloads:898

File Size:6.65 MB



As requested by some of you, i edited some car textures as i though would be interesting and/or better: Blista: added badges from V and changed the interior texture a little. Comet: added HQ interior texture from the Infernus, but in black color (1024x1024). Infernus: added HQ interior texture (1024x1024). Laundromat: I took the original Burrito and applied the Laundromat texture since the burrito2 featured unfinished rear lights (this can be seen when the lights are broken). Lokus: fixed the "Emporer" spelling error on the badges and added a HQ interior texture. Primo: made the indicators orange and the reversing lights white. Also added HQ interior texture. Rhapsody: made the spacing between the rear lights chrome instead of red and added a Declasse badge instead of Classique. Cabby, Minivan, Moonbeam: added a HQ interior texture (the original was 256x256). Credit goes to AlgonquinHood for his Infernus/Comet interior texture. Update: 2.11.2015- Added the Lokus to the pack.