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Added:2014-11-16 13:13:06 -0800

Replaces:Old GTA IV Graphics

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CryENB V3 by Fabriciuz: _____________________________ *UPDATED 30-11-2014* -Added external config files for easier configuration. -Added "Motion Blur" Optional preset. -Added High, Mid & Low quality modes for Static DOF. -Improved direct lighting, direct lighting colors, sky & azimuth, sun brightness & color, clouds brightness, car & city lights, ELS lighting, overall saturation, exposure, godrays settings, sharpening and tree colors. -Improved night ambient lighting and sky. -Improved Low-End and Very Low-End settings. -Improved "If it doesn't work" instructions. -Improvements to the archive. -Updated some text files. -Fixed low-end motion blur and added an "off" option. -Fixed few timecyc values that would cause bugs. _____________________________ Made for patch & EFLC, compatible with ELS & multiplayer. ENBSeries 0.163 + dax1 shaders edit. Before installing, i really recommend you to set your Shadows Quality in-game setting on High or lower, Very High causes lag and too sharp shadows. Don't freeze time via a trainer or via other mods, that will make your game very bright. I've made very detailed text instructions, so just be sure to read all the text files before asking. If the ENB doesn't work for you, go to _Options/If it doesn't work/ and choose the folder that fits your problem and read the .txt. Enjoy! I highly recommend you to install DKT70's HD roads & trees here: _____________________________ PACKAGE CONTENT INFO: Install: All the main files. Options: Here you can get "If it doesn't work" instructions, "Installation for beginners" instructions, SweetFX (Anti-Aliasing) and recommended mods. Settings: Here you can choose the fitting settings for your hardware, there is: Very Low-End, Low-End, Mid-End, High-End (Default), Ultra-End and the new Insane-End. ELS preset: Here you can find all the necessary files to get ELS v8 working. Optional presets: Here you can find Depth of Field, Godrays, Anamorphic Lens Flare, Motion Blur options, Lens Dirt Texture options and more. _____________________________ CEV3 FEATURES: SSAO Skylighting Adaptation No red sky & no other bugs Dynamic & highly polished timecyc created from scratch Auto-Focus DOF & Static DOF (optional) Realistic ELS Lens dirt texture (thanks to IceLaGlace) Godrays (optional) Lens Flare Motion Blur SweetFX & FXAA And much more... _____________________________ CHANGELOG: New optional very fast auto-focus DOF (thanks to IceLaGlace) New optional static bokeh DOF (thanks to gp65cj04) Moving clouds (thanks to IceLaGlace) Optimized files for better performance All weathers renewed & heavily improved Much more balanced lighting Reworked clouds Better amb0, amb1 & direct colors Better skylighting Better post-effects Better environment & car reflections Better SSAO settings Better bloom at both day & night Better overall saturation Better overall contrast Better & faster godrays Better ELS settings and emmesives Better adaptation Better looking sky & azimuth Better sun color & intensity Better sunrises & sunsets Better motion blur Better interior lighting Better car & ped shadows Better city lights Better dirt lens settings Better rain effect Better smoke effect Better specular peds Better water colors Better distant smog Heavily improved all car lights Thicker and heavier fog for Foggy weather Heavier fog for all Rainy weathers Reworked Foggy weather Edited the lights_occluders with custom textures Added Anamorphic lens flare as an optional preset Added Blue Headlights as an optional preset Added an "Insane-End" setting Bigger difference between each settings Fixed bright peds Fixed distant smog at 7am and 7pm in all sunny weathers Fixed black clouds reflections Fixed water transparency Improved transition between day & night Increased far clip And alot more... _____________________________ COMPATIBILITY: EFLC ELS Multiplayer _____________________________ INPUTS: In-game config tool - press Shift-Enter On/Off SSAO - press pausebreak On/Off FPS counter - press NUM slash On/Off FPS limit - press scroll lock Screenshot - press print screen Reload config - press NUM star _____________________________ RECOMMENDED MODS: DKT70's HD roads & trees: HD Metallic Car Paint by icelaglace: TrafficLoad by ikt: Simple Trainer 6.5 by sjaak327: Cam-Control by thaCURSEDpie: EditIV by MysTer92: _____________________________ COPYRIGHT: Boris Vorontsov, IceLaGlace, gp65cj04, Dpeasant3, Dax1, Buzzbass & Fabriciuz. Give credit to everyone listed above if you upload any files from this ENB. _____________________________ BIG THANKS TO: -Boris Vorontsov for making ENBSeries. -IceLaGlace for the DOF, moving clouds, other codes and for helping. -Dax1 for fixing the latest patches with his shaders. -Carrythxd for testing EFLC and helping. -DOCTORGTA for testing and helping. -SuperAria18 for helping with codes. _____________________________ ADDITIONAL INFO: Facebook page: Website: Youtube channel: PC Specs (I get around 45 fps with this): CPU: Intel Core i7-3770 - 3.40 GHz Graphics Card: MSI GTX 660Ti Power Edition RAM: Corsair Vengeance - 2x8GB DDR3 1600MHz PC3-12800 CL10 Operative system: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit _____________________________