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Crime Sentence in GTA San Andreas. (BETA V2)

by chainsaw

A GTA San Andreas Mod

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Added:2016-02-11 21:39:50 -0800

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The character in my story about a crusader who returns from hell and beyond, to continue taking revenge on enemies, zombies, demons and other monsters that inhabit the Earth hiding under human ignorance and myths disguised as fictional frighteningly real. History can remind you too Ghost Rider and Spawn but I must say that the character and his story was inspired by more real as Jigsaw in the Saw and Kira Death Note saga followed by the cover of a death metal band accruing America called Job For A Cowboy. The album is called Genesis and was released in 2009, just as the character develops implementing the concept and since then have continued to do that ... Dedicated to William S. hooding. Here are your character in beta 3D within the game GTA San Andreas. Still lacks many details and there are problems that only an expert could get 3D design and overcome but everything be decided by fate ... and my desire to continue fighting on behalf of wisdom and knowledge. ----------------------- El personaje de mi historia sobre un justiciero que regresa desde el infierno y el más alla, para seguir vengandose de enemigos, zombies, demonios y otros monstruos que habitan en la Tierra ocultandose bajo la ignorancia de los humanos y camuflados como mitos ficticios que aterradoramente reales. Puede que la historia os recuerde demasiado a Ghost Rider y Spawn pero debo de decir que el personaje y su historia fue inspirado por otros más reales como Jigsaw de la saga Saw y Kira de Death Note seguido de la portada de un grupo de death metal procendente de America llamado Job For A Cowboy. El disco se llama Genesis y fue lanzado en el año 2009, justo cuando desarolle el concepto del personaje y desde entonces, eso he seguido haciendo...