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Chevrolet Caprice 1987 New York Police Department

by Compeast


Category:Vehicle Mods

Added:2014-01-04 15:16:22 -0800

Replaces:Police or Police2

Historic Rating:9/10

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Download Link:1388877382_caprnypd.rar

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CAPR-NYPD EG BROUGHT TO YOU BY EXPRESSION GAMING MODEL DATA ================================= - NAME: Chevrolet Caprice 1987 New York Police Department - VERSION: V1.0 Expression Gaming - LIGHTSYS: Default - OPTIMIZED FOR: police or police2 - CREDITS: Expression Gaming/Carface - MOD STATUS: CLOSED FEATURES - Actual accurate correct Light setup - High quality model - Realistic Dirt - Accurate Collision - Vehicle is MULTI LIVERY enabled INSTALLATION Put the police.wft and police.wtd into your vehicles.img MULTI LIVERY Open your vehicles.ide and place +livery at the end of the police line By doing this the vehicle will appear on the streets with four different liveries ADDITIONAL NOTES - Chevrolet Caprice 1987 by Carface - Templated by Compeast - Chevrolet Caprice Police Package hubcabs by Carface - NYPD and LCPD liveries by Compeast - Dirt texture by Carface - Shadow effect layer by Carface - Federal Signal Aerydnic NYPD setup lightbar by Compeast - Other texture edits by Compeast FILES INCLUDED - readme.txt - New York Version - police.wtd - police.wft - pic-(1).png - pic-(2).png - Liberty City Version - police.wtd - police.wft - pic-(1).png - pic-(2).png Do not edit or redistribute without permission! --> Special thanks to Carface for the model <--