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Added:2015-02-09 10:43:26 -0800

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Camp Nou IV BETA Mod for Grand Theft Auto IV By GTA BELGIUM --------ABOUT The original basic model is made by EA SPORTS for FIFA 14. That model has been and is still being edited and improved by me. This is just a BETA (!) version and I am working on a better version with less bugs, and with more details such as seats. Right now I am placing seats, and when it's done, I hope the files won't be too big to convert to the game. It will be around 40.000 seats, nearly half as much as in real life. --------CONTACT If you have any problems with this map mod, feel free to send me a message on my facebook page: You can also contact me on my youtube account: Or you can contact me on GTA Forums: --------NOTE I know this is not the best and most finished mod, but that's why it's a first BETA. I am still working on it, but I wanted to know how far I am and if I'm doing well. That's why I released it though. Detailed list of (possible) bugs in readme file. --------CREDITS EA Sports & GTA Belgium