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Added:2011-02-26 13:47:33 -0800

Replaces:Nikos look

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Hello GTA IV players Here is a Call of Duty MW2 This mod is dedicated to R.Schuindt, the GRIM and Quechus13 Call of Duty MW2 components: 1.- Head 2.- Hands / Gloves 3.- Jaket 4.- Pants 5.- Shoes 6.- Helmet 7.- Glasses 8.- Gas Mask 1.- Open Spark and replace files from playerped rpf folder to pc \ models \ cdimages \ playerped.rpf 2.- Save and exit 4.- Replace files from pedprops img folder to pc \ models \ cdimages \ pedprops.img 3.- Save, rebuild and exit Ready for play Remember backup originals files If you want to upload or modify feel free to do, only say core.max2010 made it Any Question?... write to [email protected]