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BusMod Beta V1.0.1.1

by rooft0p


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Added:2010-09-14 11:38:53 -0700

Replaces:BusMod Beta V1.0.0.1

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BusModBeta v1.0.1.1 Rooft0p2010: aka moochaka ChangeList : BusMod Beta v1.0.1.1 Requires Latest .net Scripthook Version BETA: Compatible With Latest: GTA IV EFLC Download: GTAGarage V1.0.1.1 All Mod Related Videos: Rooft0p's Youtube Channel Installation: Place all files and folders from within the scripts folder into your gta4 Scripts Folder. 2 new routes added (Route E can be set from within the game 20 stops excluding start/stop positions) Now Over 100 stops in total from 5 routes. Last/Next Stop Display Speedo Added.(Not Great) Can be turned On/Off Complete Text Overhaul (70% of text can be moved by user from within Config file). Hazard Lights Activate whilst Reversing (in bus on route). Route FailSafes In Place. Full Enabled Radio. Can Now Turn Fines On/Off from within game. OnBoard Camera (Use In Bus Only) Not Great! Default Keylist Display. Loads And Loads Of Minor Changes. User Route E. Your Route Will Start From Bus Position E At The Depot And Finish Where BusStop A Driver Takes Over... To make your own route (E) start by pressing Numpad * (Default), This will activate route setup, Move to the location where you would like your first stop, Press Numpad 1 to cycle through stops, When you have text stating stop 1 stand in the position you would like to place the busstop and face the direction you would like the stop to face and press numpad 2, Text will appear letting you know that the busstop position has been set, next stand where you would like your first passenger to stand and face the direction you would like it to face then press numpad 2, Text will appear showing Pass1 is set, Now stand where you would like passenger 2 and do the same, Text will appear letting you know Pass3 is set, You can now find where you would like the second stop, press numpad 1 to select the second stop and repeat the process, When you have completed your route setup go to your ini file and reduce all BusStop Z vectors, (x, y, Z) by 1.2 (Only BusStop Not passenger), You can (alt tab) out of the game to do this, Once done open the console By Pressing the @ Key and type: reloadscripts, To save a copy of the ini file press numpad 3 whilst Route Setup is enabled (This is only a copy) but usefull if you would like to keep the coords of your routes, Note. You will also have to change all coords for your route inside the busmod folder if you want it to work with the route failsafes, only do this if the route has a tendency to fail. Route Failsafes. If you are on a route and it fails you now have an option of trying to recover the route, Everytime you pick up a passenger/passengers always make sure that a route appears on the radar and that it leads to a Blip at the end of it, If no blip appears you can first try pressing E again, Sometimes this will kick the route back in but if not check the last stop you were at (Bottom left Of Screen), Now press Numpad / to show stop list then follow on screen instructions, In Effect it will respawn bus at the loaction required, reloading the enviroment, When you have respawned you should then press E again and this should let you continue with route. (Known Issues: Bus may not face right direction after respawning). Bus Racing. Press Numpad . To enable Race Keys, Once enabled you can select any of 10 races by pressing the corresponding number on the Numpad, Race 9 and 10 can be set by the player from within the ini file, You can also change the vehicles and drivers used. NoteIt is not recommended to start race straight after you have finished one) Press Tab To Bring Up Default Keylist...