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Bully SE Ped Pack

by TheNathanNS

A GTA San Andreas Mod

Category:Player Mods

Added:2012-04-19 13:11:40 -0700

Replaces:Any ped of your choosing

Historic Rating:10/10

Historic Downloads:3,322

File Size:8.75 MB

Download Link:1334866300_bully_peds.rar

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BULLY SCHOLARSHIP EDITION PACK By TheNathanNS during April 2012 This pack contains some more peds from Bully Scholarship Edition that are rigged for GTA San Andreas. This pack contains Seth Kolbe (Prefect) Zoe Taylor in her townie outfit (Jimmy's crush) Davis (Bully who attacks Jimmy in "The Setup") Ted Thompson in his Complete Mayhem outfit (Jock Leader) Ms. Phillips (Art Teacher) Damon West (Big Tough jock) Jimmy Hopkins in an Asylum Orderly Outfit (Main character of Bully) Jimmy Hopkins in his Halloween outfit Miss Danvers (Bullworth's secratary) Q&A How do I install this mod? You open gta3.img or skin.img and replace a ped of your choice. You can replace any ped you want with this, please see for a list of peds and their gta3.img names. I searched for "Ted.dff" in the gta3.img and nothing came up! Help? I haven't given them "ped specific names" since some people may think Ted will fit better as a Balla whilst others think he'll suit better as Sweet. Some may think Zoe would be better as a girlfriend replace ment whilst others think she'll fit better as a Grove Street Family member etc. etc. You may use this in your mod if you wish, please give me credit. You may edit this mod if you wish. Enjoy the mod!!