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Bullet Spread/Recoil Fix

by jenksta


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Added:2014-04-28 18:20:43 -0700

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MAKE SURE YOU HAVE VISUAL C++ REDISTRUBUTABLE PACKAGES FOR VISUAL STUDIO 2013 INSTALLED vcredist_x86.exe and vcredist_x64.exe Requires an ASI loader. XLiveLess for IV+EFLC: Some background: You might have notice, that IV on the PC has bullet spread/recoil disabled when you use a keyboard and mouse. All your shots (even blindfiring) are 100% accurate. Though, when using a controller, the bullet spread/recoil is enabled. For five years, this has been a problem, and nobody bothered fixing it. What the mod does: "Basically in iv's CWeapon::Fire function there's a call to a CWeapon::CalculateShotTargetAccuracy which calculates the target offset for the weapon shot (based on the peds weapon accuracy multiplier, current anim, e.t.c.), in this function there's a check for player peds (only applies if you they don't have a target entity (auto aim)) which checks a flag in the games control pad structure (set if theres any buttons pressed on the controller), if not using the controller the inaccuracy multiplier used is 0.1, however when using a controller the multiplier is set to 0.6." This script tells the game to use the controller accuracy (bullet spread/recoil) even when you're using a mouse basically. Installation: Just place shotstuff.asi into IV or EFLC's main directory (the folder that contains the game's .exe and the xlive.dll)