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Brother In Arms Character (PED)

by Iwan_Troides


Category:Player Mods

Added:2013-11-19 15:50:34 -0800

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Download Link:1384905034_biahh_pedby_iwan_troides.7z


Brother In Arms Hell's Highway Character * SSgt Matthew Baker * Cpl Franklin Paddock * Cpl Sam Corrion * Pfc Gary Jasper * Pfc Mike Dawson * Pvt Franky LaRoche All Brother in Arms 3d model character are created by Ubisoft (Gearbox Software) Thanks to : # Konstantin Nosov for UModel - UE Viewer and ActorX Importer # 3Doomer for GIMS IV # OpenIV creator # SparkIV creator Sorry if the character doesn't have any facial expression.. I am new to 3ds max and very difficult for me to learn on my own, especially in the skin modification. Thanks Iwan Troides