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BihokuVer 2.0

by FreeZiic


Category:Map Mods

Added:2014-09-22 08:54:08 -0700

Replaces:Map mod Addon

Historic Rating:9/10

Historic Downloads:2,375

File Size:23.81 MB

Download Link:1411401248_bihoku_ver2.0by_free_ziic.rar

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hello there !! 1_ i know there's already bihoku map released, but this one is abit better i think i hope you'll like it. Map made by Kohdyktop for GTA SA Map convert/Re-worked by FreeZiic BihokuVer 2.0 installation: -Put GTA.DAT & IMAGE.DAT in GTA IV/COMMON/DATA: -Put bihoku folder in GTA IV/PC/DATA/MAPS *Install the map as add MapMod* _This line go to #map files [IDE] section: IDE platform:/DATA/MAPS/BIHOKU/BIHOKU.IDE _This line go to #map files [IPL] section IPL platform:/DATA/MAPS/BIHOKU/BIHOKU.IPL _And just copy and past the bihoku folder in: GTA IV/PC/DATA/MAPS Note: do not forget the rate the map after tested ! **Enjoy ^o^ Other: Please do not forget to check out my blog for see all news coming in to GTA IV. _Blog: