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The needs system: The need system consists of four different needs: hunger, sleep, fun and social activity. Each need will have a special effect on Niko, according to it’s current value. By now, only hunger and sleep affect your game play. Fun and social will be added effects to in the future. See the attached need-sheet for further information about the different stages needs can have and about their effects. The needs were designed to fit into the game as smooth as possible, so there are many ways to connect them with content that was already in game before. Needs can be disabled or enabled by changing the hunger.dat – file. Your current need levels are displayed in form of small icons left of the radar, not to make the HUD to complicated. The icons will change their color to symbolize the current need value. If your hunger icon is green, you are slightly hungry. If it is yellow, you are hungry. Red means that you are extremely hungry, whereas blue means that you are not hungry at all. See the attached need-sheet for further information about the relation between the time passed and the change of your needs. Needs are calculated in a rather complex way. Your hunger level for example rises by one every real second up to a maximum of 8640 till you’re starving. This means that you are starving after 144 minutes real time or 3 days game time, if you do not eat anything in between. Other needs are rising at other rates. Fulfilling needs: Needs are fulfilled by interacting with the environment through different game elements. Here’s a detailed list of actions affecting your needs and their intensity written in brackets. Hunger: • All sorts of street vendors like hotdog, burger and nut seller (medium effect on hunger) • Vending machines (small effect on hunger) • Fast food restaurants like BurgerShot, Cluckin’Bell (medium effect on hunger) • Restaurants like AlDente’s, SquidRow, Viendemorte, Fanny Crabs (large effect on hunger) • Fridge/kitchen where you can put food into your inventory (medium effect on hunger) • Shopping locations like Hershey’s, Subway, donut shops etc., where you can buy food added to your inventory (small/medium effect on hunger) Sleep: • Beds in your safehouses (large effect on sleep) • Coffee bought at shopping locations, fast food restaurants or made at the kitchen in your safehouse (small effect on sleep) Fun • Watching TV at your safehouse (medium effect on fun) • Visiting a Broadway theater (large effect on fun) • Playing Bowling at the bowling center (medium effect on fun) • Binoculars (medium effect on fun) • Video games (medium effect on fun) • Driving at more than 60 miles an hour (small effect on fun) • Riding a bike (small effect on fun) • Flying a helicopter (small effect on fun) • Reading a newspaper (small effect on fun) • Reading a book (small effect on fun) • Surfing the Internet (medium effect on fun) Social • Phone calls (large effect on social) Right now, the social need is the less developed and therefore switched off by default, as it won’t have any negative effect on you other than lowering your mood. I will add more ways to fulfill your needs in the future. Please consider that swimming or moving in water will make hunger and sleep increase faster. Mood All needs together contribute to your character’s mood. Right now, being angry has no other effect than making Niko shout insults, but it will become more important in future releases. It is planed to make your mood affect all basic values in game like accuracy, health, speed etc. Your mood is calculated the following way: Hunger + sleep + fun + social + negative mood effects – positive mood effects = mood You will get positive mood effects when smoking a cigarette for example and negative mood effects if you are injured. There will be more effects added in the future. Inventory This mod features an inventory consisting of 20 slots. Each item can be stored only once, so you won’t be able to carry more than one donut at a time. Your weapons will also be recognized by the inventory and can be selected that way. To open/close your inventory, press the “I” key. To switch between the slots, click your right mouse button. To use the item stored in the current slot, press the middle mouse button (click on mouse wheel). Some items, like a book or your weapons, will not be immediately consumed when clicking on it. Food of course, can only be used once. Taking items Whenever the grab-icon shows up, you can take something and put it into your inventory. Right now, you can only grab books at Niko’s apartment in Algonquin. More items and maybe some pickup animations will be added in the future. Shopping There are many new locations all over the city, where you can buy different items to fulfill your needs. If you enter a shopping area, a choice-window is displayed, where you can see the offered goods. In general, there are always two different goods offered. Rusty Browns Donut shop will offer coffee and, of course, donuts. If you want to buy something, you have to hit the “Tab” key. You will then see a small text, showing that the buy interaction has started. “Welcome at Rusty Browns, what will you take?” To decide between the goods, you press the left or the right arrow key. The left one will buy the left item, the right one the item to the right. Niko will then show a pay-animation and the item will appear in your inventory after you paid. Taking food out of the fridge/Home brewed coffee This works similar to shopping. Go to the fridge in your safehouse until the choice-window appears. You are offered a burger and a cup of coffee. Hit the “Tab” key to take both at once. The items are added to your inventory. If you already have one or both, this will be recognized and you won’t get anything. Refilling your fridge Each fridge has it’s own amount of content. If you have taken all food out of it, a message will tell you that the fridge is empty and needs to be refilled. You can buy food at a grocery store like 7 Eleven just like you would buy a donut. The only difference is that there is only one item offered there: purchases. After you bought them, Niko will carry a plastic bag. You can then go back to your safehouse and go to the fridge, hit the “Tab” key and refill it. That’s it. Eating in a restaurant By now, restaurants have been added in Algonquin, Alderney and Brooker. Move towards the door to let the choise-window appear. Hit “Tab” and then push right or left arrow to have a meal. Game time will advance one hour and your stomach will be filled after you paid for your meal. Visiting a theater Similar to eating in a restaurant, you can visit a Broadway theater to greatly fulfill your need for fun. Right now, there are two theaters you can visit, the “Magic Curtain” and the “Seagull Theater”. There you can choose between two different plays, each lasting for 3 hours. Reading a book or a paper There are two kinds of writings you can read, newspapers and books. A newspaper can be purchased at a kiosk and is added to your inventory. A book can be taken from the bookshelf in your safehouses in Algonquin. If you want to read, select the paper or book from your inventory. A paper can be read for a short period of time, until every article is read and you throw the paper away. A book lasts longer until it is read completely and then removed from your inventory. Saving In order to have your current need-level and your inventory saved correctly, you have to save using your bed. The current values are saved in the hunger.dat-file in your scripts folder. They can be edited, but that would be cheating, wouldn’t it? Important: Auto-saving after completing a mission will not save your needs nor inventory. Customization This mod offers many customization options. Each need can be switched on or off, as well as the mood or the ability to go shopping or eating in a restaurant. You can also adjust the changing rate of each need, if you don’t agree with the custom one. In order to customize, open the hunger.dat file and edit the values as described above. Use true/false to switch content on or off. You have to restart your game before changes become effective. Location blips All locations like grocery stores, restaurants or theaters are marked on your map and can be used as targets for taxi drivers, etc. Restaurants and food-selling places are marked with the restaurant sign, grocery stores are marked with a green dollar bill.