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Better Weapon Stat For III

by Christoper25


Category:Miscellaneous Mods

Added:2016-06-22 09:46:22 -0700


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Download Link:1466613981_better_weapon_stat.rar

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This Mod Make Your Gta 3 Weapon Much Better Than Ever ! Make Sure You Already Backup The File Because This Mod Made The Game More Difficult Feature List: Pistol:-2x More Damage -Crouch While Shooting -More Range -If You Want To Shoot Crouching Like In San Andreas Click RMB And LMB At Same Time Bugs:-Cops Will Raise His Hand Up Uzi:-The Damage Is 55 -Same Anim -Better Range -Better Clip -Faster Bat:-Increased Damage Ak47:-3x More Damage -Better Range -Better Clip -Now Shoot Like Rambo M16:-A Bit More Damage Than AK47 -Better Clip -Better Range -Same Anim As AK47 All Projectiles(Bombs,Molotov,Rocket): -10+ Damage Shotgun:-2x More Damage So Watchout This Can Destroy Anything That Hit By One Hit! That's All Thank For Download If Not Thanks For Viewing This Mod.V2 Coming Soon! Note:For Downloaded Enjoy