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Beaten up female multiplayer V1.1 (FemalePlayerSettingsE2 FIX)

by Algonquin Hood


Category:Player Mods

Added:2013-02-28 17:56:28 -0800

Replaces:Female Multiplayer clothes (actually add)

Historic Rating:8/10

Historic Downloads:3,247

File Size:6.32 MB

Download Link:1362251063_beatenupfemalemultiplayerv12_byah.rar


Beaten up female multiplayer by Algonquin Hood ---------------------------------------------------------- BACKUP FIRST!!! TBoGT only! ---------------------------------------------------------- INTRODUCTION: So after everyone went offline, i had an idea to make the beaten up version female multiplayer skin which I am always using in multiplayer. It's adding the clothes to your multiplayer model menu too. After you have installed this mod you will have ALL multiplayer clothes unlocked at level 0 too. ###THIS MOD DO NOT REPLACE ANY HEAD TEXTURES ON THE SKIN. IT'S ADDING SOME.### ---------------------------------------------------------- How to install: First off you have to replace the FemalePlayerSettingsE2. Follow this path: EFLCTBoGTcommondata and replace FemalePlayerSettingsE2 with mine. Now you will need SparkIV or OpenIV. SparkIV: OpenIV: After you have one of them, open up the componentpeds.img. SparkIV: EFLCTBoGTpcmodelscdimagescomponentpeds.img OpenIV: EFLCEpisodesTBoGTpcmodelscdimagescomponentpeds.img Now search for F_Y_Multiplayer and replace the f_y_multiplayer.wtd with mine. For the sunglasses we have to open up pedprops.img. It's placed in the same folder like componentpeds.img. After you opened up pedprops.img, search for f_y_multiplayer_p. Replace it with mine then. ---------------------------------------------------------- Now you have a beaten up multiplayer woman. Looks like some a**hole beaten her up. ----- #WHATS NEW ON V1.1 - Bloody face with makeup effect - Tattered upper part - Bloody and tattered lower part #WHATS NEW ON V1.0? - Broken sunglasses - Beaten up face - Bloody and tattered upper part - Bloody and tattered lower part - Added to multiplayer model menu - Makeup effect after crying on face ---------------------------------------- BTW: In reallife, I hate beating women, i'm against discriminatory and humiliation. I just made this mod for the style of GTA IV, what TBoGT actually don't have. And the beaten up faces from GTA IV multiplayer. --- After MKD IDrifterI told me theres no FemalePlayerSettingsE2 in the .rar. DAMN I'MA NOOB! xD Well I have fixed it.