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Autumn Ring

by 21Ruby


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Added:2015-02-07 03:09:43 -0800


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-----***GT4 Autumn Ring***----- Model from Grand Turismo 4 /Gamemodel Editing mesh, retexturing and converting by 21Ruby Changelog : - Editing mesh to fit with open world gameplay experience - Retexturing and re UV map bad mapping - Adding real water (original model using fake water) - beautiful lightning Replace : - water.dat Instalation : Drag and drop common and pc folder to your GTA IV instalation folder Or manual instal - copy AutumnRingCSR to pc/data/maps/ - edit gta.dat IDE platform:/DATA/MAPS/AutumnRingCSR/AutumnRingCSR.IDE IPL platform:/DATA/MAPS/AutumnRingCSR/AutumnRingCSR.IPL - edit images.txt platformimg:/data/maps/AutumnRingCSR/AutumnRingCSR 0 Location : - left of Liberty Statue/Happiness island ________________________________________________________________________________ This map will coming with some update later Stay tune! Visit my blog and facebook fanspage Blog : Facebook fanspage : Email : "Don't reupload or host to another site/web without my permission. Just download from my official blog if you appreciate and respect my work. Thankyou." _________________________________________________________________________________ Enjoy riding your Babe on Autumn Ring!