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Assassin's Creed Altair FR + MGS4 Assassin's Creed costume

by ac.amir


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Added:2012-02-15 13:55:35 -0800


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Hello everyone ##Assassin's Creed Altair FR + MGS4 Assassin's Creed costume##by ac.amir Remember that April fool’s video with Snake in-game dressed in full Assassin’s Creed cloak?I've seen this video before and i maked this skin for gta iv. i haven't metal gear solid 4 but i know this skin is a costume in Metal gear solid 4 and you can unloack that. you can see this video or search in youtube for MGS4 Assassin's Creed costume 1-Altair v1 2-Altair v2 3-Snake dressed Assassin's creed cloack 4-snake v2 5-Knife 6-Sword v1 7-Sword v2 if you like this mod,i will make metal gear solid 4 snake later. See all screenshots ---------------------------------------------------------- Replaces:playerped.rpf