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AmphibiousVehicles is a script that can make any vehicle amphibious. Requirements: An ASI loader (YAASIL recommended) ScriptHook ScriptHook .NET .NET Framework 4.0 How to install: Copy all the files within the zip file, except the readme.txt file, into the scripts folder within your GTA IV directory. How to enable a vehicle to be amphibious: In the amph_vehs.ini file, add the model name, a comma, and then the height above the water you want the vehicle to be. Example: "turismo,-9.5" (quotes do not go in the amph_vehs.ini file). You can change the height in-game by entering the vehicle you want to change the height for, pressing F7, then the Numpad + / Numpad - buttons to heighten/lower. How to use: Run the game and try it out! You can toggle whether the mod is enabled or not by pressing RControl + A (the mod is enabled by default/on startup). Things changeable with the AmphibiousVehicles.ini file: The buttons to toggle the mod. The buttons for changing the height of the current vehicle. To vehicle creators: If you are creating or have created an amphibious vehicle that needs to be amphibious you may pair this mod with yours in order to add the functionality. Notes/bugs: Added vehicles are supported. You can add multiple vehicles. Just put each seperate vehicle model and it's height on it's own line. The amph_vehs.ini file supports comments. Just add a # before the text you want to be commented out and it will be ignored when being parsed. Spaces will be ignored when being parsed, so don't worry about having a space between the comma and the height in the amph_vehs.ini file. Since this mod relies on placing an object beneath the vehicle to make it "float", things around you and your vehicle may be affected by the object. The main vehicle I used to test the script with is the LAV-25 IFV by SkylineGTRFreak. Here is the link: To try it yourself, install the vehicle, but when installing the handling change the percent submerged (3rd number in the handling line) to something like 85 or above (120 is the max). Then after you've done that, open the amph_vehs.ini file and add the line (without quotes) "apc,-10.65". If you don't like the height you can change it. Source code can be found at If you'd like to contribute to the mod, feel free to make a pull request on the GitHub page.