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Airstrike Mod

by rappo


Category:Script Mods

Added:2010-12-19 23:22:59 -0800

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This is a simple .NET script that allows you to call in for an Annihilator airstrike on any waypoint you set on the map. Simply place a waypoint on the map in the pause menu, return to your game, and use the key/console command that you set in the INI file to call for the Annihilator. The helicopter will show up and drop some bombs on the point that you selected - you're at risk, too, so choose wisely! I've attached the source code to this download so you can make your own modifications, make fun of my code, or learn how to make .NET scripts for yourself. Feel free to ask me for help in making your own script. Feel free to upload this to any website or steal the script and call it your own.