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6-shot Grenade Launcher (full auto)

by noentiendero


Category:Weapon Mods

Added:2014-07-16 16:22:01 -0700

Replaces:Weaponinfo.xml (manual edit)

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Based on hl2poo's Grenade Launcher skins (BF4), this modification for the weaponinfo.xml file allows to add the grenade launcher to the Shotgun slot (the manual-reloading shotgun, not the baretta -semiauto shotgun-; but i also uploaded modifications to replace the RPG, the TBOGT grenade launcher, and you can modify the lines to replace any weapon you want). The weapon will shoot grenades, that will explode in a couple of seconds. You also can have a grenade launcher in the original GTA IV game (with Niko). It's specifically made to fit ok this weapon skin: -DESCRIPCIÓN DEL MOD: CLIC EN DESCARGAR, LEER DENTRO- INSTALLING: check the text file. Basically i uploaded only the part of weaponinfo.xml for Shotgun data, so you have to copy and replace it in your file. MAKE A BACKUP FIRST. Enjoy and feel free to mod and reupload your modifications of it!