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2013 Rolls-Royce Ghost

by Xperia


Category:Vehicle Mods

Added:2016-01-25 08:10:22 -0800

Historic Rating:10/10

Historic Downloads:4,667

File Size:8.5 MB

Download Link:1453738221_2013_rolls_royce_ghost.rar


Original Model: Artur0777, Ruslev Convert & Edited: XPERIA interior from Ruslev's Phantom File Size: Wft:5.32 MB Wtd:2.31 MB color1: body This is a beta version with so many bugs and error, they will be fixd in next vesion next time. If you find any bugs or errors, please report to me IF you have suggest or request to make it better, please tell me Model unlocked ,but if you want to modify or convert it ,please tell me first