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2013 Ford Police Interceptor "Citizen Patrol" Skin

by ReadTheRules1


Category:Vehicle Textures

Added:2013-06-23 07:25:27 -0700

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Citizen Patrol skin for Cj24's 2013 Ford Police Interceptor. Credits Skin by ReadTheRules1 Screenshots by Carrythxd 2013 Ford Police Interceptor by Cj24 Vehicle credits - Model created by EA Games, converted to GTA IV by NIK161RUS, further modified to 2013 model by EVI. - Rims created by UBISOFT and centercap by EVI. - Hood, front bumper and headlights created by EVI. Rear bumper edited by EVI. Trunk, tailights, indicators and reverse lights by Humster3d, edited by EVI. - Whelen Liberty made by KevinDV. - Toughbook, Antennas, Cameras and Radars modeled by Ridgerunner, textured by Cj24. - Spotlight by Cj24. - Liveries made by Cj24.