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2013 Audi RS4 Avant HalfCarbon PaintJob

by kizacudo


Category:Vehicle Textures

Added:2015-05-08 11:15:24 -0700

Replaces:Solair or any other 4 door car

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2013 Audi RS4 Avant HalfCarbon PaintJob I have to use this car in many of my car packs, but many of the the paint jobs are very similar. Since I prefer two tone or three colors PJs, I decided to make this Paint Job to extend the choice a little. 1. RS4_sign_1 = G-Tron Concept 2. RS4_sign_2 = Bottom Half Carbon 3. RS4_sign_3 = Duo Tone by Sef 4. RS4_sign_4 = The U.S. Ski Team I put empty or the simplest PJs always as first and duotone and carbon as second or third. So HalfCarbon PaintJob is RS4_sign_2, and has changeable color for top half by preset in trainer or use color from carcols.dat. Model is included in this archive but I always recommend downloading original for keeps and additional informations. Screen shots are also included as three more liveries to round the complete car package. Settings are little boosted from original but they are included in archive too. Originl model by smokey8808 link: G-Tron Concept by outsid3r4: Duo Tone by Sef: The U.S. Ski Team by outsid3r4