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2010 Bentley Continental SS 3Colors PaintJobs (Update)

by kizacudo


Category:Vehicle Textures

Added:2015-05-07 04:41:43 -0700

Replaces:buccaneer or any other 2 doors car

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2010 Bentley Continental SS 3Colors PaintJobs I often use this car in many of my car packs, but the number of paint jobs is very limited. Since I prefer two tone or three colors PJs, I decided to make this liveries to extend the choice a little. 1. bentley_sign_1 = Isr by Aige 2. bentley_sign_2 = Le Mansory by outsid3r4 3. bentley_sign_3 = Black&White + color stripe 4. bentley_sign_4 = Black&White Carbon + stripe defined by trainer or carcols.dat Model is included in this archive but I always recommend downloading original for keeps and additional informations. Screenshots and EPM are also included as two more liveries to round the complete car package. Originl model by smokey8808 link: Aige livery: Mansory by outsid3r4: