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2008 Honda Accord Type-S AT

by 9lXA


Category:Vehicle Mods

Added:2010-08-13 20:45:43 -0700


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Author of the Acura TSX model: FM3 Author of remodelling in Honda Accord: 9lXA Author of some textures: 9lXA Author of the Type S body kit: Mast Author of the converting into GTA IV: 9lXA Thanks to: - Mast - for body kit - for testing - Nukie, Denus, Dancer - for advice to modification into Accord - blik, Dancer - Denus - for helping with settings, advices Features: -optimized model, all is worked out meticulously -2 versions: with GTA IV numbers and with New York numbers -rims can be painted in second colour -factory colours -windows are not tinted from inside and cannot be dirty -all buttons and displays of the interior have it's own highlighting. As in reality, when engine is not started, inscriptions on the buttons are white, when it's started - blue, gage dials are red -correct dirt: looks realistical, all can be dirty, even disks -distinct collision. you can easily break everything in this car, and it isn't "bulletproof", disk with blown tyre looks correctly -qualitively LODs system: -wft size with gta 4 lods - 1.58 Mb -wft size with my lods - 2.24 Mb -chassis_L0 - 41742 polygons -chassis_L1 - 2447 polygons -bodyshell_L0 - 7876 polygons -bodyshell_L0 - 6471 polygons -front numplates is extra -doors, hood and trunk have loops and aren't in the air when opening -functional suspension, front and back brake calipers are different, as they are on real Accord -qualitively optics, when directional lights are off, they are silver, when they are on - orange -Niko sits on a seat squarely, holds the steering wheel, he' not beside it -professional convertation