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2007 Chevrolet Avalanche [AVA_v4.7F-ELS]

by Dhruv aka Fulcrum


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Added:2012-12-21 05:58:13 -0800


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Weazel News report: Willis- a peaceful neighbourhood of West Dukes, Liberty City was one of the most beautiful yet elegant places in all of the LC State until 2009. But post-2009, the crime graph of the nearby Francis International Airport and surrounding areas skyrocketed in a matter of months. As a result, the mayor had to beef up the police and security to prevent futher crimes in the city. But like every other place in the world, constantly stepped up security is never enough. But as it was obvious, Willis residents also started falling victims to this fast-growing evil and this peaceful place started shredding piece by piece. Earlier this year, Jim Taylor, a 35-year old Taikwondo instructor started an initiative to fight crime on his own and eventually formed a vigilante group which now helps the Airport Security Forces to help keep crime at bay. These heroes are popularly known as the "AVA team". They mainly operate after office hours/late at night near Willis and Francis International Airport, hence the name- Airport Vigilante Association (AVA). Our correspondent talked to the local police and they said these guys were fantastic as they've already helped ending two pursuits pre-maturely this year only. We have also learnt that the AVA team is pretty close to the top Airport officials too. We tried to contact Commissioner Francis McReary but he was unavailable to comment on this topic. However, we later recieved a mail from him explaining how much he appreciates the work of these guys. The local residents are all 'gone crazy' for them, especially the children. We were told that they show up in their popular patrol vehicles- all matte gray-black 2007 Chevrolet Avalanche trucks equipped with amber lightbars with AVAlanche written on the sides. They're said to carry Uniden-Bearcat BC346XT scanners to keep in touch with the LCPD's Airport wing. Jim Taylor, the founder of AVA team says,"We take pleasure in freeing this society from crime. Its our peaceful community and we intend protect its residents at all costs." Although, most of the team members wish to remain anonymous, we convinced Jim and his co-founder Dennis to pose with their Avalanche trucks. They've revealed their plans to do a charity show off of these vehicles later next year to donate the gathered money to a local orphanage based in Willis County. Please read the readme before installing. Merry christmas!