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2006 Yamaha R1 - Updated

by The Jackal


Category:Vehicle Mods

Added:2014-04-26 19:06:14 -0700


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Hello all, I have updated various parts of the Yamaha R1. Created by this guy: His Mod: Firstly, I have re-sized and replaced the decal textures, the speedometer textures, the carbon fiber textures and the chain and frame textures. These textures are high resolution, and have been carefully aligned with their geometric position on the motorcycle model. These textures not only look great when panning the camera, but also when in first person view. I spent a long time perfecting the speedometer, so that it looked perfect up close. I have also made a new handling line to suit the R1, because the standard line is very messed up. The bike is no different at speed, acceleration or braking, but has much tighter suspension, making the ride much more realistic. I've seen plenty of replacement handling lines that have massive amounts of speed and braking, with the same marsh-mallow suspension, which looks and feels totally impractical. With this new line, the bike is now ride-able. Lastly, I am including a sound mod for the R1. Created by this guy: His Mod: In my opinion, this is the best Motorcycle sound mod, and is totally under-rated. This engine sound somewhat matches the sound of the R1. You really have to hear it to understand though. If you have a controller like I do, apply the following to how you ride this motorcycle: As you accelerate, the revs will get higher. When accelerating, back off the speed just before the revs get too high, and the gears will change (up) automatically. This makes the bike have more grunt, as it is not making the unrealistic high rev problem that every sound mod has. Hearing the real R1, being a 1000cc engine, it doesn't take much revs to get it going, so applying this method makes the ride much more realistic again. It also even feels like you are changing the gears manually, and makes the bike fun to ride. Again, it's hard to explain, but when you jump in game and try it, you will understand. Once you understand and adapt, it becomes incredibly fun. I think that with all three parts of this update combined (with the techniques also), this update makes a dramatic improvement to the Yamaha R1. I hope you guys all enjoy it as I do. - The Jackal, 26/4/2014