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1940 Ford V8 Sedan

by huckleberrypie


Category:Vehicle Mods

Added:2011-12-20 05:43:24 -0800


Historic Rating:6/10

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Download Link:1324543074_ford_v8_gta3.rar

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Original model from Team Bondi/Rockstar Games Ripped by Tosyk Converted to GTA3 by Huckleberry Pie Hmm, it seems like there's an apparent shortage of good classics for Grand Theft Auto III, so I thought, why not convert my Ford mod to the game that started the carjacking craze? After all, it's been ten years since III has been released, and now that the game's been ported to iDevices and Androids, it's about time that I do a little something special for all of you guys. Requires Dmagic1's wheel hack as the mod uses custom wheels. May also work on iOS/Android devices, but I haven't tested it on such devices as my phone's too weak to run the game at a playable framerate.