Saturday, March 15, 2014

OIV Generator for vehicles - OpenIV Package Generator

This tool was developed to make easy generate .oiv files to use with OpenIV Package Installer for easy setup of modded vehicles.

Download full version: here (slow connections mirror)
Download application only (requires extra steps after download): here

Run the tool with administrator rights or the process may fail.

You need .NET Framework 4.5 installed :)


Fixed issues related to controls not working in previous version


Removed "delete lines" commands because in last version of OpenIV this was causing wrong line deletion on handling.dat

if you want share or make videos of this tool, please use the following link as reference in description:


This is what the tool does:

Creates the assembly.xml file with all commands required to replace/insert the new lines and models
Creates the content folder with modded and backup files
Creates a restore option to make user able to restore GTA IV default car model and handling
Generates the .oiv file compressing the files generated in previous steps.

You can download the Full version that goes with the backup database or download the application only and generate your own backup database extracting models from your GTA IV. I recommend first option because it's easier, just extract to an folder and use.

Case you want create your own backup database  this is the structure needed:

In the application (CarOIVGenerator.exe) folder:

You need a folder called "backup source"

Inside "backup source" you need:

  • Folder "main" that will have the handling.dat, vehicles.ide, carcols.dat and all vehicles from "pc\models\cdimages\vehicles.img"
  • Folder "tbogt" that will have the handling.dat, vehicles.ide, carcols.dat and all vehicles from "tbogt\pc\models\cdimages\vehicles.img"
  • Folder "tlad" that will have the handling.dat, vehicles.ide, carcols.dat and all vehicles from "tlad\pc\models\cdimages\vehicles.img"



Know Issues

Because of OpenIV limitations i can't make sure that extra handling lines (required by helicopters, planes, boats, etc., they start with %, !, $, etc) will be properly replaced by the new ones, what i do is try to delete and, in any case, insert in the end of the helicopters section, this way game will read this info and overwrite the info that was read before, i tested in EFLC, GTA IV patch and patch and seems to work fine, game always considered last info as the "official" :)

If you don't run the application as administrator it don't will be able to create some files and will indicate error in the process.

If you don't have .NET Framework 4.5 installed the application may crash because the Zip method need that framework, the final user (that will use the .oiv file) don't need the 4.5 framework.

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