Vice City Weapon Descriptions

  ---Weapon Descriptions

To see pictures of the weapons in Vice City, visit our Weapons section. This section is for descriptions.

You can only carry 1 weapon from each slot on your quest on GTA:VC.
If you have a weapon from a certain slot and you come across another one, you
can swap them by pushing L1 (. or ,).

Fists (Slot 1)
Fists/Feet: Well, they are your fists and feet! what do you expect! you can use them for punching, kicking and head butting. they aren't very useful against armed opponents though.

Brass Knuckles: A big improvement over normal fists, they make a funny sound when you punch someone. punch a man and he will be down on the floor.

Melee (Slot 2)
Screwdriver: Probably the least powerful Melee weapon there is. Quite fun. For about 5 seconds.

Golf Club: In Vice City, the golf club is NOT for playing golf, can be found to the right as you enter the actual golf club in Vice City. Another way to get it is by entering a Golf Cart when your Melee slot is empty.

Hammer: Its fun to destroy cars with this weapon, or hit people, or anything for that matter.

Nightstick: This is the weapon the police use. To get one, either kill a cop, or enter the police station in Washington beach, and go in the room on the left. But you will get 2 star wanted level.

Baseball Bat: Used for Cracking heads instead of Baseballs. Can be found behind the Ocean View hotel (Your first hideout).

Meat Cleaver: Knife used by chefs, and you!

Katana: One of my favourite Melee weapons, you can chop peoples heads off, and stab them in their stomach with this! can be found in the Tarbrush Cafe in the North Point Mall.

Knife: Stab people!

Machete: Violently stab and cut up people!

Chainsaw: My other favourite Melee weapon! Just keep Circle Pressed down while running at people and they'll be dead! This is the only weapon that makes blood splatter on the screen. If you are standing over a dead person, press circle again to stick the chainsaw into their corpse and send blood everywhere!

Projectiles (Slot 3)
Grenades: Hold down Circle button to throw them, the longer you hold the button down, the further they get thrown, after you've thrown them, they'll explode after a few seconds.

Molotov Coctails: Same Throwing technique as the Grenades, but this time when it hits the ground, it will explode into a ball of flames and burn anyone who's near enough.

Tear Gas: only 1 location for this, its by the Police Station in Washington Beach. you only get 4 so use them wisely, use the Grenade/Molotov technique to throw them, and instead of flames or explosion, a load of tear gas will come pouring out! It will kill people if they stand in it for too long, even you. It does nothing to cars, and the game frame rate will slow down for some reason while you use them.

Remote Grenades: Just like normal grenades, except that you decide when they explode! Once you have thrown one, you will have a detonator in your inventory, you will need to detonate the grenade before you can throw another.

Pistols (Slot 4)
Colt .45: Simple weapon, not powerful at all. just aim and shoot.

Colt Python: The ultimate pistol, One hit kill. Slow reload rate though.

Shotguns (Slot 5)
Chrome Shotgun: Simple Shotgun, it's like the one in GTA3, you get 5 rounds when you enter a police car, but there are better shotguns around...

Spaz Shotgun: The best Shotgun in the game, One hit kill, it has can fire 8 shots, then it needs to reload, takes less than 2 seconds to blow up a car.

Stubby Shotgun: Its a lot like the Chrome Shotgun, except it kills in one hit like the spaz. It needs to reload after each shot.

Sub Machine Guns (Slot 6)
Tech-9: My least favourite Sub Machine Gun, you can run while firing, but it takes a lot of time to kill a person.

Ingram Mac 10: My favourite Sub Machine Gun, you can run while firing and it doesn't take much to kill a man

Uzi 9mm: Its an OK Sub Machine Gun, you CAN'T run while firing, but it has a decent firing rate.

MP5: The most powerful Sub Machine Gun, you CAN'T run while firing, but its power makes up for that big time!

Assault Rifles (Slot 7)
Ruger: The first Assault Rifle you'll get, not the best though. it fires quite slow. And kills a man in one shot.

M4: Very nice gun. Fires quite fast. An all round decent gun.

Heavy Metal (Slot 8)
Rocket Launcher: The king of destruction! Aim. Fire. That's all you need to know.

M60: Kills in one shot but hasn't got a very good fire rate

Flamethrower: Flame people! Its great fun, just aim and fire, Flames will come out and burn anyone in their way

Minigun: Also known as the Gatling Gun, takes 1 second to start firing, then fires at an amazing rate, can destroy a vehicle in less than a second, and kill a man immediately.

Sniper (Slot 9)
Sniper Rifle: Its just like the Sniper Rifle in GTA3, reloads slow too.

PSG-1: Most accurate Sniper Rifle. Reloads quite fast.

Camera* (Slot 10)




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