Vice City PS2 Secrets


There are some strange things around Vice City...

--Now This Is What I Call An Easter Egg
Rockstar has put a real Easter Egg in the game. It is a chocolate egg and
says Happy Easter on it. To get to it, go the helipad at the VCN (Vice City
News) building. The building on the right has a hallow wall so you can go
through it. You have to jump in the closest window on the corner to get inside
the hallow point. Thanks to DaruniaX.

--Kaufman Cabs
The inside of Kaufman Cabs is setup almost identically to the setup of the
taxi place in the show "Taxi" that used to come on many years ago. Andy Kaufman
was on "Taxi" and the name of the taxi company in Vice City just happens to
be Kaufman Cabs. Also, when you pull out of Kaufman Cabs with a Cabbie, a
voice will say, "What are you doing?" much like Latka, Andy Kaufman's
character, in Taxi. Coincidence? I think not.

--Pogo The Monkey And Degenatron Arcades
In the pizza joints and inside Kaufman Cabs, you can find these arcades but
they are not playable.

--Pole Position
The Pole Position Club has two possible meanings. Back in the day, Atari had
a game called Pole Position, which was Indy cars racing and stuff. The strip
club has a racecar theme to the front of it. Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not.
The other obvious correlation is that between strip bars and poles. Thanks
to RIT Tyger.

--Guy In Freezer
In the opening sequence where Sonny Forelli is talking to all of his men,
eventually a freezer will be shown in one of the scenes. If you look inside
it, there is a man being hung by big slabs of meat in the freezer. I guess
he got on their bad side.

--I'm Just Glad I Didn't Find This For Myself
Well Rockstar forgot to put one thing in this game. That thing being panties
on this old black lady. This lady is in a gray dress and sweater and has a
yellow bandana thing on her head. If you shoot her with a Sniper Rifle and
crouch down and look up her skirt, you can clearly see there are no panties.
Thanks to sUshiBOi.

--Internet Sites
These are basically internet sites that Rockstar put up that have to do with
something in the game. I'm sure you all remember the Pogo The Monkey and other
websites from GTA3. Well here are some from Vice City. = You can play 3 different Degenatron games here.

--Tony "Scarface" Montana's Mansion
Diaz's Tommy's mansion is almost identical to the mansion in Scarface. The
resemblances are the setups of the staircase, the office at the top of the
stairs, and the room where they have the tiger skin rug.

--Scarface's Chainsaw Scene Re-enactment
First, go to the Pay N Spray in Ocean Beach. It is a 2-story stucco building
with stairs on 4 sides. Check the rooms on the second floor. You can't see
the room from the street, just check all the doors, and you will see a 2-roomed
apartment. When you enter, it should say Apartment 3C. Go inside and look
in the bathroom for the scene.

--Pool Shaped Like The Rockstar Games Logo
There is a pool shaped like the Rockstar logo. It is an R with a star * at
the end. It is located in Starfish Island. To best view this, get a helicopter
and just circle Starfish Island and you will eventually see it.

--Australian American War
On the Vrock radio station, you will hear an Ammunation commercial that talks
about the Australian-American War. If you remember correctly from Grand Theft
Auto 3, there was a caller on Chatterbox that talks about fighting in the
Australian-American War.

--Poster Of "The Guy" In GTA3
If you go up to your room in the Ocean Beach hotel, which was your first save
point, there will be a poster of him on the wall. Cool easter egg.

--Bal Harbor Mall
In real life, the Bal Harbor Mall is a mall in Miami, Florida. Wondering why
I mentioned this? Well, the Washington Mall is an exact replica of it. The
Bal Harbor Mall is just like it in real life and it has lots of up scale stores
like Gucci and etc. Thanks to RMRose.

To see the submarine, go get your GTA Vice City map that came with your game.
You need to drive to grid 5A and you should see it. Thanks to ROA and

--3 Sunken Ships
Somewhere between grid A5 & A6 near the very top of the map, there is a sunken
ship. It looks like the ship that you blew up in the "Bomb The Base" mission
in GTA3. It says Libertine Lines or something along the lines of that on the
side of it. There is another sunken ship by that bridge by the Vice City News
building. Look under the bridge and there is a brown sunken boat. There is
yet another one on the south side of the map. Just go east from the Boatyard
and it is somewhere between the 2 islands. Thanks to Killazilla3, ROA, and

--Barrels Of Boom Shine
After finishing all of Phil Cassidy's missions, there will be a barrel of
boom shine in your room at the Ocean View Hotel.

--Miami Vice
If you get 3-stars on your wanted level, undercover cops will chase you in
Cheetah's. One is black and one is white and it looks like the main characters
from Miami Vice.

--Bag Of Money
After finishing "The Job", a duffle bag full of money will be on your bed
at the Ocean View Hotel. If you look at it closely, it will be a lot of American
bills like 20's, 10', 50's, 100's, 1's, and even 2-dollar bills. Thanks to

--GTA3 Character Cameos
Donald Love appears in one of the Avery Carrington missions in the limo with
Avery. Sonny Forelli is the guy you are trying to get the money back to in
the story. If you remember correctly in GTA3, he was one of the Forelli
Brothers that Joey Leone wanted dealt with. Lazlow, from Chatterbox in GTA3,
is now the host of Vrock in GTA Vice City. Fernando, who was a panelist on
Chatterbox, is now hosting Emotion 98.3. Phil Cassidy is also in the game
and you get missions from him and you learn how he loses his arm. Toni from
Flashback FM in GTA3 is now hosting Flash in GTA Vice City. Morgan from the
classics station in GTA3 also calls into K-Chat.

After doing the "Demolition Man" mission, a box of RC helicopters, planes,
and cars will appear in a box in one of the lower rooms of the Vercetti Estate.

--Brown Thunder
The vigilante mission for the Hunter is called "Brown Thunder". Now for anyone
that was alive in the 80's, I'm sure you remember a show called Blue Thunder.

--Did I Just Turn On My Commodore 64
The first loading screen after the Rockstar logo pops up looks like a starting
screen from an old Commodore 64 game.

--So That's How Lazlow Ended Up On Chatterbox
If you have the Vrock cd that came with the Soundtrack Box Set, listen to
the whole thing and the final track shows how Lazlow got kicked off Vrock.

--Freddy Needs A Nanny
If you remember correctly from GTA3, a man named Freddy was calling looking
for a nanny on Chatterbox. Well in Vice City, he calls Kchat and wants a witch
to spank him with a broom or something. Creepy. Thanks to DarthTodd.
--Wow This Looks Like The Red Light District From GTA3
If you go inside the movie studio, go straight and towards the left and you
will see some structures. Go inside and it is a replica from the Red Light
District in Liberty City.

--Hey, I Remember Those Friendly Faces From GTA3
In Ocean Beach, there is a row of shops and one of them that is named Rockstar
Games has cardboard cutouts of Asuka, 8-Ball, El Burro, Kenji, and more people
from GTA3.

--Constellation Rockstar
At night, there is a constellation of stars that makes up the Rockstar games
symbol. It is the R with the star * at the end.

--Someone Give Him A Hand
First, go to the butcher shop in Little Havana. If you look in the window,
you can see a severed arm. Ouch.

If you complete any of the races at the Hyman Memorial Stadium, you will get
a trophy according to what race you completed. They appear on top of your
television at the Vercetti Estate. There is also a trophy for doing the
shooting range missions at the Downtown Ammunation.

--Wow, What A Reward
After you complete all of the movie studio missions, a huge poster will appear
at the Vercetti Estate of a nude Candy Suxxx and various pictures of her and
the guy from "Martha's Mug Shot" will appear on your desk.

After you have the Vercetti Estate, go into your office and look on the walls
outside of the save room. There should be a big picture of Diaz with drawings
all over it and a knife slash through it. Thanks to Jono Wilko.
--I Guess The Mafia Didn't Like Him Too Much
In the opening sequence of the game, there is a cut scene of Sonny Forelli
on a phone. If you look in the background, you can see a guy hanging in a
meat locker.

--That Thing Is Huge
At the hotel across the street from the Malibu, there are some interesting
light formations at night. If you look at them, they form the shape of male

--No Those Are Huge
After you do the "G Spotlight" mission, the spotlight of Candy Suxxx will
always appear on the same building at night.

--Now This Is What I Call A Hidden Package
I'm not sure when this appears, but in your Ocean View Hotel, there is a opened
package of what appears to be cocaine by the bar counter and it is spilled
everywhere. Thanks to ScrubKing.

--Candy Suxxx Stuff
After you have completed the "Dildo Dodo" mission for the film studio, there
will now be flyers of her movie on the ground. There will be a big poster
of her on your wall in your office in the Vercetti Estate that picture Candy
Suxxx after you finish all of the film studio missions and there will also
be the pictures from "Martha's Mug Shot" on the table in your office. After
the "G Spotlight" mission, the spotlight will always come on at night and
shows something interesting. Thanks to Jono Wilko.

--Beach Ball Game
If you go to one of the mansions in Starfish Island, one of them will have
a beach ball by it. If you kick it by walking into it, it will go into the
air and you can play a mini-game where you see how many times you can bounce
it on your head without it falling.

--Rockstar Logos
On the beach, you will notice some towels laid on the ground. If you look
closely, there are Rockstar logos on them. There are also Rockstar logos on
the guy's shirts in Ammunations. Thanks to Delta9ine.

--Some Of The Phone Numbers In The Game Work
Please note that I do not know if any of these cost money so call at your
own risk. There are many phone numbers on the radio and some of them work.
The phone numbers that are proven to work are the following.
1-866-9-Save-Me: Pastor Richards
1-866-9-Bury-Me: Funeral Home
1-866-Pillage: Thor
1-866-434-SELF: Not Sure

--Wow, These Guys Are Real Pigs
After you have acquired the Vercetti Mansion, watch the trash by the door.
Over time, it will just keep stacking up with beer bottles and pizza boxes.

--Jimmy Hoffa
For those of you who don't know who Jimmy Hoffa is, here is a little insight.
Hoffa was the powerful and controversial leader of the Teamsters Union from
1957 to 1971. Often alleged to have ties to organized crime, Hoffa was finally
convicted of fraud and jury tampering in 1964 and served four years in prison
before President Nixon commuted his sentence. In 1975, while trying to regain
power in the union, Hoffa disappeared from a restaurant parking lot in
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. He was widely assumed to have been killed by the
Mafia. His body was never found, and in 1983 he was declared legally dead.
In September of 2001, news reports claimed that DNA tests by the FBI had tied
Hoffa to a car driven by his associate Charles O'Brien the day Hoffa
disappeared suggesting that charges might still be brought in the case. Now,
on to the easter egg. Many believed Hoffa to be thrown in a cement mixer and
mixed in with an architectural structure. Well, to see Jimmy Hoffa mixed
inside a bridge, go get the Sea Skimmer from its fixed location if you have
the film studio missions done otherwise you can't do this. Once you get it,
go north to the bridge. Now, try to fly under it. Since the Sea Skimmer is
too big, you will go through the bridge a bit. Now, there will be a body inside
the bridge. That's a cool easter egg along with the guy in the cement shoes.

--Guy With Cement Shoes In The Middle Of The Ocean
Get a boat and from the Leaf Links Golf Course, head towards the second island.
Now you should see a couple of big rocks under the water. You should see a
guy with cement shoes just in the bottom of the ocean. If you still can't
find him, get a boat and then head to Diaz's mansion. Now facing the mansion
(you should be facing North according to the radar), turn right and keep going
straight and you should see him. Thanks to mgs master for first strategy and
Kintaro Oe age 25 for the second.

--Luigi And Misty From GTA3
To see Luigi and Misty, do the mission for the Malibu Club called "The
Shootist" and they will be on the second part of the shooting range where
you have to shoot the cardboard cutouts. It's pretty cool to get to shoot
Luigi and Misty, although it's just a cardboard cutout.

--The Village People
If you go inside the Malibu Club, look on the stage and you will see the Village
People! I think the only one that is missing is the Indian.
--I Guess These Guys Have A Soft Side To Them
If you look on the grill of a Gang Burrito, sometimes there is a teddy bear.
Thanks to Victor.

--Pool Shaped Like A Woman
In Starfish Island, there is a pool that looks like a woman's body. You can
easily see it if you fly around in the helicopter.

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