Vice City Save Houses

  ---Save Houses

Another interesting thing about GTA:VC is that you have the option to buy your own save houses. The good thing about this is, is that when you earn more money, you can buy a bigger house and keep more cars, and eventually even a helicopter!

Here are the locations that you can buy as a hideout. To save game, use the Pink Videotape which you will find at each of them.

To buy a house, you have to stand in the pink circle in front of it, and providing you have enough money, push L1 to buy it.

Thanx to Tomás M. Splasky for the directions..... But they kinda sucked, so i wrote my own. Thanx for trying tho. ---Psy---

East Island

For Each Of These Hideouts You Will Start From The Hardware Store On Washington Beach, Until I Say Otherwise.

1102 Washington Street: $3,000

From the Hardware store head South. Once you get over the bridge keep going
South, and you will see a large, multi-coloured building on the right. This is
the hideous. So pull into the car park, and walk up to the front to buy it.

Ocean Heights: $7,000

From the Hardware Store, head South, take the first left, then take the first,
and only possible right. Follow it down and take the 3rd left (on a road) and
you will see the house on the corner, as soon as you go to turn, its red and

Has 1 Garage.

From Now You Are Going From The MOST NORTHERN Pay & Spray.

Links View Apartment: $6,000

From the Pay & Spray go South. As soon as you go past the first right turn, you
are at the Hideout, just drive up the ramp, and there! EASY!

Has 1 Garage.

Elswanko Casa: Cost: $8,000

From the Pay & Spray Head North, take the 3rd Right, and as soon as you have
turned right, look for a way into the garden, because this is the house.

Has 1 Garage.

3321 Vice Point: $2,500

From Pay & Spray, Head North, Make the 1st Right, then take the 2nd Left.
Follow this road all the way up, and around, until you get to a really steep
corner, im talking 90 degree angle. Then you will be almost heading into the
savehouse which is green.

West Island

The point where we are starting for these two is Ammu-Nation all the way North.

Hyman Condo: $14,000

From Ammu-Nation head West. Once you reach the end of the street turn Right.
Follow this road along, and just before the first LEFT turn, you will come to a
RIGHT Turn up an alley. Go up here and the hideout is in the middle.

Has 3 Double Garages.

Skumole Shack: $1,000

From Ammu-Nation head South. Take the first Left all the way to the bottom,
then turn Right. Follow it around to the right, but just as you get to the
corner you will see some steps. Go up here and you will find the shack on the


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