Grand Theft Auto: Vice City PC Info

Released - May 13, 2003

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - Info

The phenomenon that started on the PC with a commitment to expansive non-linear gameplay, irreverent humor, and unparalled action has gone on to become a household name worldwide.

We are now proud to present the world class gaming experience that is Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, built from the ground up for the PC platform.

This may 14, the top-selling and most critically-acclaimed console game of 2002 storms onto the PC, fully optimized in a lush splendor unlike anything you've seen before. This is the chance for PC-gamers to experience just what the fuss is all about. And for console-version veterans to revisit the beauty, glamour, filth, curruption and deception of Vice City all over again.

The PC Version is packing with exclusive features including:

Expanded Controls
Play in mouse-lookk 3rd person view or classic Grand Theft Auto console. Plus integrated support for all major gamepads, joysticks and steering wheels.

Optimized Graphics
Pushed to the limit to take advantage of the latest PC hardware. With massive viewable distances, texture resolutions bumped up from 32-colors to 32-bit color with billions of shades and game resolution to scale as high as your monitor can support.

Player Skins
Muster your artistic prowess to create your own player skin. Add to Tommy's 90's couture wardrobe or create a whole new original spin on the character itself.

Enhanced Audio
EAX 3.0 audio immerses you in the osunds of the city and a new MP3 radio station lets you broadcast your own music over Vice City's airwaves.

At any given time, watch a replay of the last 30 seconds of the game and mall your unbelievable gameplay sequences to friends to watch.

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