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About Hidden Interiors In Vice City PC
Due to complaints of maps gone haywire (non-solid buildings in the middle of the road!) I have motivated myself to remake my mod. This second release should fix all of the problems. If there are still problems, I have included backup IPLs for safety. Also if you haven't noticed, I mentioned that my computer crashes everytime I open Fraps, the trainer, and Vice City all at the same time. These three have to be running simultaneously to make the videos. So it looks like I'll never be able to make the Hidden Interior videos.
I found that Leo from found these before me and released them quicker. I was unaware of this and never meant to "steal" his find, as some people are accusing me of doing. Congratulations to him and his site. Good finds!
Have you ever wondered where interiors of buildings were in the game and out of the cutscenes? Well now they have been discovered! Just click one of the links below in the hidden interiors list to see pictures. To watch a video, click the link next to the title. (Currently there is only a Marco's Bistro video. I'll be making the rest over the next few days.) You can also download a zip containing all of the screenshots on this page. Or you can download my mod which let's you go to the interiors ingame so you can see them for yourself.

Download all of the screenshots.
Download the Hidden Interiors mod.  

List of Vice City PC's Hidden Interiors

Love Fist Concert Stage (And Backstage)

The Greasy Chopper (Biker Bar)

Ken Rosenberg's Office

Marco's Bistro (Mafia room) - Video


Love Fist Recording Studio

Auntie Poulet's Shack


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