GTA: Vice City - Zidane's Glitches
Glitches -By Zidane 1-1-03

   Get a time of '0.00' doing the Dirt Ring time trial in the Stadium without using any pesky Gameshark Codes.
First, get a dirt bike (Sanchez) and ride it to the Stadium when the logo for the Dirt Ring appears. Get off the bike, walk in and when the mission starts up, just get on the bike before it loads to the indoor stadium. You will now start off inside the stadium with two bikes. Get on the one that is not highlighted, collect all of the pink checkpoints, when done, get on the bike that is originally for the trial, when you get on it it will start counting. Since everything is already collected, it will stop at the time of '0.00'.

   Run (not drive) inside of the Destruction Derby ring inside the stadium.
Get a bike (Moped is best) and drive up to the stadium. Walk in, than get on the bike (Same as previous glitch) but you will spawn in a car still. So, smash your car really hard, so you 'bail' off of the car, like you would on a bike vehicle. Though, you will run out of time pretty fast, but everyone knows it's fun for AI cars to try and run you over. Be careful when you exit the stadium, you just might find yourself drowning in an invisible pool of water.

   Get in cars that you're not supposed to.
First, get a sniper rifle, enter the stock car race session in the stadium and simple pick off the drivers heads as they go around the track. Get in their cars for some weird effects, some that included the car moving in random directions, going through the track forwards, or backwards, catching on fire even if its just sitting there and not letting you out of the car sometimes when you are still in it.

   Walking headless people.
This is a really simple glitch. Shoot the drivers head in a car, and immediatly get in the passangers side, and when the headless person stands up, nudge them with the car. The should get back up and take a few steps, than fall down again.

   Shoot Yourself.
Get a weapon you hold with one hand, and can run with it. Say a colt .45 or Mp5K. Shoot straight ahead of you, than before the bullet goes out, turn 180 degrees LEFT. If done correctly, Tommy will shoot himself. Blood will come out, he will say 'Arghh!' as if normally shot. But he doesent lose health...  

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