Vice City Gangs


Here are some gangs that you may come across Vice City once or twice. Some are your friends, but others are definitely your enemies...


Turf: Downtown

Dress: Leather jackets, beards, lots of black

Vehicle: Angel

Business: Protection

Leader: Mitch Baker


Turf: Little Haiti

Dress: Blue 'Relax' shirt, white pants, white hat Purple vest, white pants, blue headband.

Vehicle: Voodoo

Business: Drugs

Leader: Auntie Poulet


Turf: Little Havana

Dress: White vests and jeans, black and beige shirt, jeans and black hat

Vehicle: Cuban Hermes

Business: Resteraunt

Leader: Umberto Robina


Turf: Fort Baxter Air Base

Dress: Camouflaged jackets, pants and hats

Vehicle: Camouflaged jackets, pants and hats

Business: Uuuh, being the army

Leader: None


Turf: Escobar Intl., Vice Point, a couple in Leaf Links.

Dress: Blue pants, blue jacket with 'Patrol Invest Group' on the back, blue hats.

Vehicle: Baggage Handler

Business: Security

Leader: None


Turf: Leaf Links

Dress: Pink shirts, checked shorts, pink socks (male) White vests, pink shorts(female)

Vehicle: Caddie

Business: Playing golf

Leader: None

Streetwannabe's / Sharks

Turf: Vice Point

Dress: Blue vests, red/white shirts, blue jeans

Vehicle: Gang Burrito

Business: None

Leader: None


Turf: Starfish Island, Prawn Island, Little Havana, Little Haiti, Vice Port.

Dress: Blue shirt, white pants, sunglasses, Multicoloured shirt, blue pants

Vehicle: None

Business: None

Leader: Tommy Vercetti


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